The Trondheim Marathon is Norway’s oldest marathon, and is held every fall. The Trondheim Marathon was first organized in 1969 under the name Student Marathon but the race was first named Trondheim Marathon in 1983. Since then, the Trondheim Marathon has been growing and has seriously begun to mark in Norway as an important event. Read more about the history from the student marathon to this year’s training goal.

The main focus of TM is public health. We must be an event for everyone from 0 – 99 years. We want to take care of the participants by providing them with tools to master throughout the year. Running courses, lectures, nutritional lectures, events and training arenas while trying to contribute to this year’s training goals. We have arranged the course around the city center so that you as a participant or audience can see a lot of what Trondheim city has to show. We are proud of the new trail race which is first and foremost beautiful and crowd friendly.

In 2019 it took off completely and we had 7700 registered participants. This means that the record of 2018 with 4857 was smashed. We looking forward to see you in 2020.